NPO Chebura Kyoko Nagata Founder Greeting
NPO Chebura Kyoko Nagata

Hello, I’m Kyoko NAGATA, the founder of NPO Chebura in Japan.  We are providing the information about health maintenance for menopausal women.


When you hear the word ‘menopause’, what do you think of?  Hot flush, a feeling of irritation and anger, or an unstable emotional state?  Menopause changes the physical state of your bodies.  Besides that, it even changes how you feel about what is happening around you.


Menopause is defined as the period in a woman's life when menstruation ceases, which is typically between the ages of 45 and 55.  Every woman goes through this period and ninety per cent of them experience many different menopausal symptoms in their body and mind.


The severity of the symptoms differs from individual to individual.  Most women tend to go on with pain and discomfort from menopause without talking about it with anybody and even without consulting a doctor.  The malaise affects women physically and mentally, which may also influence people around them, including their families and their co-workers.  Further, the influence might be on the entire society!


Menopausal health problems, thus, should not be something that each woman deals with by herself.  They should be counted as something that the society faces and tackles.


On the other hand, the menopausal change can be seen as a chance to take a fresh look at your own body and mind, and it can be a good opportunity to explore what it is to live your own life beautifully. 


You cannot see the changes in your body.  That is why we believe it is important to ‘know’ about what is actually happening in your body and how to condition it through moderate and comfortable exercises.


Why don’t you promote your health for the future of your life?

Finally, let me mention why I started Chebura. First of all, as a fitness instructor, I have heard a lot of complaints about physical and mental menopausal problems among women in their forties.  Another reason is that my mother suffered from depression as a menopausal symptom.  That was a difficult and painful experience for her and also for our family.


The more women who are healthy and energetic, the better the society will be.  To that end, we are providing women with the information about health care during the menopausal years and, by doing so, we are aiming to create the society where all of you can be who you are and who you want to be!


Thank you for your support for us.