Live your own life, 

with proper understanding of menopause. 


◇Founder of NPO Chebura in Japan.

◇Menopausal Physical Care Instructor

◇Menopause counselor

◇ Lecturer at local governments / medical sites / companies. Engage in the of menopausal women`s health support.

◇ Edited book "Menopausal textbook giving health to myself in the future"

works: workshops(women's health and menopause/exercise)/instructor's training/lectures/events/ writing, etc.


I am a founder of "NPO Chebura" in Japan. We support menopausal women, providing essential and helpful information and exercise routines. It was founded in 2014. Research and develop necessary programs for menopause, and deliver it. We have delivered support to 15,000 people so far. We conduct lectures and seminars nationwide, including companies, municipalities and medical institutions. I will serve for the care of the body and the dissemination of menopausal knowledge. They call it that "The lecture for empowerment up of women".

2017  "Japan women`s wellbeing society" Representative inauguration

2017  "Co-Creation Award 2017" Winning Excellence Award

2016  NPO Chebura Representative inauguration

2014  Chebura to start activities

2009  NPO Madrebonita`s Instructor

2007  FTP Certified Pilates Instructor

Hello, I’m Kyoko NAGATA.   I’m founder of NPO Chebura in Japan.  We support menopausal women, providing essential and helpful information and exercise routines.


What is image about menopause do you have?  Hot flush, feeling of irritation and anger, unstable emotional state?  

Many people have negative images.However, menopause is an opportunity for us to face our mind and body. 

Menopause is a chance. I wish it. I named the group, Chebura, meaning "the change of life”.


I do this activity for main two reasons.

First - As a fitness instructor, I saw and heard from my works about serious mental and physical disorders of over 40 years old. 

Second-My mother had a serious menopausal disorder. She became depressed. It seemed so difficult for her to handle. Of course, family members are serious too. 

I overlapped these two memories and thought, "Is there menopausal support now?"

I researched it. I also asked various people. There was none and I was surprised. At the same time, I thought, "If it doesn't exist, let's make it!"


In Japan 90% of women feel symptoms during menopause. However, there are few support for menopausal women in Japan. Women only have to endure.That problem has a big impact on the home, workplace, and society as well.

Japan is now in the era of people have 100 years of life, and the declining birthrate and aging population are progressing. That is a big problem.

Our efforts to support menopause, which is a milestone of health, have also affect nursing, medical, and social security problems. Menopause  support was a challenge that had been missing from society.


If we can increase the number of healthy women, society will be better. I will help change society with menopausal support.