Menopause Life Design Facilitator

Training course application guidelines

In the training course, you will deeply learn female hormones and measures for menopause, and acquire the technique of "

expresser". Let's spread the support of menopause with little support from the society as a teacher with us.

What is Menopause Life Design Facilitator ?

We support lifestyles from a neutral standpoint in order to make menopause an opportunity to face the mind and body and lead to a healthier and richer life. We will teach you how to change your body and practical ways to care for your mind and body, motivate you to capture your life in the long run, and aim for a fulfilling condition like yourself, and provide support for that purpose.

If you become a Menopause Life Design Facilitator, you can hold lectures at local governments, companies, schools, etc. Also, we are currently conducting online courses. Besides lectures, certified lecturers are now active in various places, such as appearing in newspapers, radio and magazines, and lecture activities abroad.

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Features of Chebura training course

① Highly specialized knowledge about menopause

You can obtain highly specialized knowledge through the curriculum that has the cooperation of specialists such as doctors.


② Easy to understand even for beginners!

A safe environment where you can review videos many times

It is not a list of difficult technical terms, but it is easy for the general public to understand and convey. During the course period, you can repeat the contents of the classroom with videos for free, so it is safe for those who are worried about keeping up with the course.


③ Full support for holding classes

We provide instruction manuals and materials for projection so that you can open the classroom as smoothly as possible after certification. For those who wish, we provide support for holding classes within 3 months after certification.

Training course outline

Held online!

■ Date: July 16, 17 and August 20, 2022

Test: September 17, 2022

Time: 10: 00-16: 00 (Japan time)

* During the period, assignments will be delivered online every week.

■ Location: From each home (use the online video conferencing system "Zoom")

■ Fee: 159,500 JPY

* From next year, annual renewal fee of 20,000 JPY


 * This course will use "Zoom". Also, please download the "UD Talk" translation application. The lecture will be given in Japanese, but the content will be subtitled in English on the screen, and Q&A in English will be available.

You can have an immediate conversation through subtitles!! 

■ Main lecturer

Kyoko Nagata (Representative Director of Chebura)

I am a founder of "NPO Chebura" in Japan. We support menopausal women, providing essential and helpful information and exercise routines. It was founded in 2014. Research and develop necessary programs for menopause, and deliver it. We have delivered support to 20,000 people so far. We conduct lectures and seminars nationwide, including companies, municipalities and medical institutions. I will serve for the care of the body and the dissemination of menopausal knowledge.

Flow until attendance

1) Fill in and send the entry sheet

 During the selection process, we may call, e-mail, or interview online. 

2) After selection, the secretariat will contact you by email

3) Payment of tuition fees

4) School start!!


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* If you cannot apply from the above, please send an email.


Subject [Chebra School Entry]

1) name, 2) email address, 3) phone number


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


I wish I had met this program earlier. At first, I wanted to learn for my own future, but after attending the training course, I realized the importance of communicating about menopause to as many people as possible. I would like to make an effort to support as many people as possible, including those who are unable to discuss their menopausal symptoms with others, those who pass them by because they are too busy, and those who find it difficult to gain the understanding of those around them. I hope that by understanding menopause, people with and without symptoms will be able to understand each other. (Yayoi Nagano)

I took the training course while working full time and raising a child. With my peers pulling me along, I managed to make it through to the certification exam. Although the learning was difficult, looking back, it was a very fulfilling period. In the training course, you learn how to communicate as well as acquire knowledge. As I am not very good at public speaking, it was a big hurdle for me to speak as a lecturer, but I think I was more conscious of the need to communicate. I was able to learn about "how to communicate" and "expression" by trying "public speaking" for the first time, and I realized that the more effort I put in, the more results I would get. (Miyako Kumano)

I have many reasons to be busy: full-time job, raising three children, strength training, belly dancing, editor-in-chief of a gender equality newsletter, founding a women's organization, and so on. But I chose to do all of these things because I love them, so I'm going to keep working on all of them and pass the CHEBURA certification exam! I took on the challenge with a greedy mindset. I burned the videos to a CD and studied by ear in the car, and I even made a paper copy of the videos to carry around with me. The warm guidance of the lecturers, the careful procedures of the secretariat, and the connections with my classmates were also a great source of strength for me.(Yukie Ito)

How to work by lifestyle

You can work as a freelancer where and when you want with "a way of working that is not bound by time. Another appeal of being a menopausal life design facilitator is that you can "continue for a long time regardless of lifestyle changes or age" as a side job or in between child-rearing.

 Freelance; Held at several studios, companies, local governments, and medical institutions: "I hold regular seminars at several studios and travel to local governments and medical institutions to give lectures. This past fall, I collaborated with a major food manufacturer to conduct a tour seminar in Tokyo and four other prefectures."


We went to PTA home education classes in the city to promote the seminar, and we have received five requests to hold the seminar!


I teach in a room in my home; My children are still small and my time is limited, but I am able to work while also cherishing my private life, both raising my children and doing household chores." I rent a place in the community and hold regular events. I am very happy to be able to set my own schedule, although I do have to prepare for the event.


I work as an office worker on weekdays and work in my free time;  "I have a temporary job on weekdays. On weekends and evenings, I work on the side and tell my colleagues and friends about it.

Certified Instructors in Action

Some of the activities of our certified instructors are listed below.