Global Menopause Network

Empowering individuals and professionals around the world through support, education, and community around menopause.

Welcome to the Global Menopause Network! Join our community of experts and advocates as we share knowledge, discuss experiences, and support one another in the journey through menopause. Whether you are experiencing menopause yourself or are a professional in the field, we welcome you to be a part of our network!

About Us:

The Global Menopause Network is a congregation of professionals, healthcare providers, researchers, and supporters from around the world, offering support and resources to individuals experiencing menopause and to the professionals supporting them. Our mission is to build a community where knowledge about menopause can be freely shared and to create a space where support is accessible to everyone in need. This project is organized and operated by a Japanese NPO Chebura.

For Individuals:

・Join Our Community: Connect with others who are experiencing menopause and share your journey.

・Resources: Access reliable information and advice about managing menopause symptoms.

・Support: Find support from peers and professionals who understand what you are going through.

・For Professionals:

・Networking: Connect with other professionals in the field of menopause support and research.

・Professional Development: Access the latest research, attend webinars, and participate in discussions to enhance your knowledge and skills.

・Advocacy: Collaborate with other experts to advocate for menopause awareness and support on a global scale.

Membership Invitation:

For Individuals:

Join Our Community: Connect with others, share your journey, and gain support.

Access Resources: Reach out to reliable information and advice to navigate menopause effectively.

Peer Support: Find understanding and support from fellow members and experienced professionals.


For Professionals:

Network & Collaborate: Connect with peers and experts in the field of menopause support and research.

Enhance Your Knowledge: Access cutting-edge research, attend specialized webinars, and participate in enlightening discussions.

Advocate & Raise Awareness: Work together with like-minded professionals to promote menopause awareness and support on a global scale.


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Contact Us:

If you have any inquiries, suggestions, or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us at 【】.