For those who support heart and body

Menopause Navigator Intensive Course

You will understand and understand the changes in female hormones and menopause in mind and body in an easy-to-understand manner, and learn physical condition management methods that can be performed on the spot. Includes certificate of completion (diploma).
Recommended for those who want to take advantage of the health management of themselves and their families, and want to enhance the expertise of their current activities.

 If you are going to a classroom or salon by yourself, you can tell the care what you have learned in the menu.


The menopause navigator of "Chebura" provides comprehensive information on the practical skills of "Chebura Exercise", which is a ready-to-use menopause mental and physical disorder, as well as the mechanism, theory, concepts, and social background of female hormones and menopause. 

* This qualification is not a qualification to be able to work as a certified instructor of NPO Chebura. If you are working for menopause support or are considering a wide range of activities as a certified instructor, please apply for the [Certified Menopause Life Design Facilitator Training Course].

Lecturer: Kyoko Nagata (NPO Chebura representative director)

Kyoko supports menopausal women and provides useful information and exercise programs. 

She conducted menopause questionnaire for over 1,000 women. She developed a menopause support program based on their voice. She went to corporations, government agencies, and medical institutions and delivered it to 20,000 people. Chebura's vision is to expand its activities so that all women can get menopausal support.


2020年7月18日 東京開催






2020年3月16日 オンライン開催









▶ ︎ [Training fee] 280 USD (30,000 JPX) (tax included). Includes teaching materials, diploma and insurance.

▶ ︎Online uses Zoom. You can participate if you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

▶ ︎A diploma (certificate of completion) will be issued after the course is over (for those who have sent the course completion notice).

▶ ︎ Video support in case of absence. You can review the video after the lecture.

▶ ︎If you wish to retake the course, you can take it at half price.